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hail yes! - Ever taken it off any sweet jumps?
March 29th, 2005
10:03 pm


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hail yes!
so there i was, standing watch at my squadron (the 24-hour kind of watch, not that sissy 8-hour kind) on saturday, out doing my inspections, when all of a sudden the sky erupts into a flurry of rock-hard spit wads seemingly flung from God himself. actually, it turned out to be hail, baseball size, trying to kill me. i managed to get to safety, but my car didn't fare so well. but hey, if dimples on golf balls make them go faster, then my car should be a rocket. haven't tested that theory yet.

but wait! little did i know, but the hail caused damage to the roof of the bachelor housing. so, nearly 12 hours after the storm (remember, i was on watch), i went to my room and discovered that about half of my bedroom ceiling was now on my bed, on the floor, and on boxes of my stuff. as a result, i've moved out and am now living in town. new address, new home number and all that. drop me an e-mail if you want it (or reply to this post), but i might get around to one of those mass-e-mail address updates eventually.

oh! and over half our aircraft were damaged too. rumors abound as to how much damage that was, but it seems that the flight training is slowed for the time being.

Current Mood: perturbed

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