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Gobble gobble gee, gobble gobble gickle; I wish turkeys only cost a nickel - Ever taken it off any sweet jumps?
November 24th, 2004
11:48 am


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Gobble gobble gee, gobble gobble gickle; I wish turkeys only cost a nickel
It's been a while. How you doing old friend?

I'm keeping busy, as busy as a pilot-in-training can be. I've got plenty of time off, but I just can't bring myself to use all that time studying. Do I study some? Of course. Do I study enough? Well, that's debatable. Overall I'm still doing well in flight school, but I think I'm capable of more. The proven motivator of "not living up to your potential" hasn't really worked on me. But I am darn good at flying the simulators, which is the stage of training I'm flying right now. These old dudes working for Lockheed Martin are teaching us how to be able to fly when you can't see beyond the nose of the plane, which is a very good thing to know if you're ever in that situation, which frequently happens in this part of Florida.

But all flying aside, I have to say life is great. Now it's not perfect, but I don't think perfection will ever be achieved in this life. It's all in how you look at things. The glass half-empty or half-full? (or having 50% too much glass, as the industrial engineer in me would say) In my experience so far, the full-thinking side of me is much happier and even I tend to prefer the full-glass-Forney over the empty-glass-Forney.

Oh, and for those of you from other Big Ten schools....HA! Michigan did lose to Ohio State, but my mourning period ended around the 3rd quarter of the Wisconsin-Iowa game when it became evident that the Wolverines would again be gracing the sunny-skied field of Pasadena California on New Years day.

Happy Thanksgiving to any journal-readers out there. Turkey and stuffing is one of God's great gifts to man. Thanks God.

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